• Warning Signs Of A Stroke And Stroke Symptoms

    By Jerome Connors

    It’s important to know the 5 warning signs of a stroke, because once stroke symptoms start, they move rapidly and time is limited.

    A stroke is often fatal and knowing warning signs of stroke symptoms can save your life.

    Strokes are a leading cause of death in the U.S., close behind heart disease and cancer. But even worse, strokes are also the leading cause of disability, creating major speech, memory and movement problems.

    And sadly strokes are rising rapidly in young adults and even in children.

    The main stroke symptoms for men and women are the basic 5 warning signs of stroke. But there are also unique stroke symptoms for women.

    What is a Stroke and What are the Warning Signs?

    What is a stroke? A stroke is sort of brain attack that kills brain cells. Stroke symptoms are similar, whether it’s a mini stroke or major stroke.

    About 90% of all strokes are ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes are the result of blocked arteries and blood clots cutting off blood flow to the brain, causing lack of oxygen and nutrients and the death of brain cells.

    Only around 10% of strokes are hemorrhagic strokes, occurring when a weak blood vessel in the brain starts to leak or actually ruptures.

    Strokes can damages the brain much like a heart attack damages the heart. If you suspect someone you’re with may be having a stroke ask them to:

    * Smile (is one side drooping?)
    * Raise both arms (does one arm drift down?)
    * Repeat a simple sentence (does their speaking sound strange?)

    The 5 Warning Signs of Stroke Symptoms

    Stroke symptoms begin suddenly. And it’s important to note the starting time for any of these 5 warning signs of a stroke for men and women:

    1. A numbness or weakness, generally on only one side of the face or body, in an arm or a leg, that occurs quite suddenly.
    2. Confusion that causes sudden slurred speech and difficulty in finding the right words or understanding what others are saying.
    3. Problems walking, maybe even stumbling around, because of sudden dizziness, loss of balance or lack of coordination.
    4. Sudden blurred vision, that can cause trouble seeing out of one or both eyes, double vision or even a total blacking out.
    5. An unusual extremely intense headache that’s like a sudden jolt. It can also be accompanied by dizziness and vomiting.

    Although these are the most common warning signs of a stroke for both men and women, research shows that warning signs of a stroke for women may also include the following additional 5 stroke symptoms:

    * Sudden nauseous or tired feeling,
    * Sudden fainting, falling or a seizure,
    * Sudden racing or pounding heartbeat,
    * Sudden painful chest, arm, leg or face,
    * Sudden shortness of breath or hiccups.

    A stroke is a major emergency with about a 3-hour time window to stop the damage being done. And any warning signs of a stroke, no matter how small, require urgent attention. So get immediate medical help.

    And while it’s important to know stroke symptoms and the 5 warning signs of a stroke, it’s also vitally important to learn how to prevent a stroke (see below).

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