• Carbohydrates Foods List With Healthy Carbohydrates

    By Darla Franklin

    This list of carbohydrate foods compares unhealthy and healthy carbohydrates.

    It shows both the bad carbs list and the healthy carbohydrate foods list. You’ll see why it’s so important to choose healthy carbohydrates over unhealthy carbs.

    The good healthy carbohydrates on this list of carbohydrate foods provide excellent nutrition and contribute to a better brain and a strong trim naturally energetic body. But bad carbs make you fat and raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other serious illnesses.

    A good diet should be 45-65% “good” healthy carbohydrates and 0% “bad” unhealthy carbohydrates. But how can you tell the difference?

    The Carbohydrate Foods List of Healthy Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrate foods have been misunderstood for years. Numerous scientific studies show that healthy carbohydrates are an essential part of a nutritious diet. For example, healthy carbohydrates give you:

    •Energy fuel for physical activity,
    •The nutrition needed for optimum health,
    •And the nutrients necessary for good brain function.

    And most healthy carbohydrates are high fiber foods that help you to:

    •Lose weight,
    •Lower cholesterol,
    •Prevent constipation,
    •Reduce triglyceride levels,
    •Carry toxins out of your body,
    •Avoid or even reverse diabetes,
    •Maintain stable blood sugar levels,
    •Decrease your risk of heart disease,
    •And have much better sustained energy.

    The best sources for healthy carbohydrates are found in:

    •Raw and lightly steamed vegetables,
    •Legumes, beans, nuts and seeds,
    •High fiber 100% whole grains,
    •Raw, whole, fresh fruits,
    •Most low fat dairy.

    For more a more detailed and complete healthy carbohydrate foods list go to the list of carbohydrate foods with good carbs grams.

    Understanding “Bad” Unhealthy Carbohydrates

    The main difference between most good and bad carbohydrate foods is based on how much fiber the food contains and how fast the carbohydrate’s sugars are absorbed into the blood stream.

    Bad carbohydrate foods have been highly refined and processed, removing most of the fiber and nutritional value. Plus, bad carbs are often loaded with unhealthy additives, preservatives and high-calorie fats.

    Studies show that unhealthy carbohydrates contribute to:

    •Gaining weight,
    •Heart disease,

    And cause many other health problems that are skyrocketing all around the world. The “bad” unhealthy carbohydrate foods list includes:

    •All pastries,
    •Jams and jellies,
    •Fruit juices and drinks,
    •Refined grains, like white rice,
    •Bread and pasta with refined flour,
    •Most pudding, custards and other sweets,
    •Cakes, cookies and any sweet bakery products.

    Bad carbs are high glycemic foods and the sugars are absorbed rapidly, causing high and low blood sugar swings. But low glycemic healthy carbohydrates are absorbed slowly and help stabilize blood sugar.

    The Healthy Carbohydrate Foods Solution

    Healthy carbohydrates are an important part of a low glycemic diet. Eating low glycemic foods can help you lose weight, lower triglycerides, prevent heart disease and avoid diabetes or even reverse diabetes.

    And since most healthy carbohydrates are high fiber foods, they help relieve constipation, detox your body and lower cholesterol naturally. They also give you long lasting energy and help you feel full and satisfied.

    The facts are clear – bad carbs are bad and good carbs are good!

    So start replacing bad carbs with all the good healthy carbohydrates that you’ll find on the good carbohydrate foods list with carbs grams.

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