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    Celebrity Health Issues
    Joanne Borgella
    American Idol Alum Joanne Borgella Succumbs To Cancer At 32
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    Tyler Perry
    Tyler Perry And Girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, Are Expecting A Child
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    Stacey Dash
    Stacey Dash Advocates For Ebola Quarantine Centers In U.S.
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    Sherri Saum
    How Sherri Saum And Kamar De Los Reyes Manage Twin Boys
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    woman Hairdo Trumps Exercise For Many Black Women, Study Finds
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    Diet & Nutrition
    Superfoods The Truth About Superfoods
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    Healthy Living
    house in hands Racial Health Disparities Can Undermine Dreams Of Home Ownership For African Americans
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    Weight Loss
    Obese woman measured with tape measure Race Doesn’t Affect Obesity’s Toll On Health
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    Child Care
    Condoms Trojan Condoms Releases Sexual Health Report Card Ranking Colleges Based On Sexual Health Access

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    General Health
    Ebola & Flu Virus Diagram Flu Shots And Ebola: Guess Which One Americans Should Be More Concerned About?
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    Health Video
    Health Video
    Cosmetic Information
    woman on operating table As More Minorities Go Under The Knife, Some Fear Cosmetic Surgery Could Obscure Ethnicity
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    Men’s Health
    Anita Woodley Playwright Creates One-Woman Show Focusing On Black Men And Health
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    Pregnancy Care
    MDG : pregnancy Study Finds No Increase In Pregnancy-Related Deaths For African-American Women
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    Women’s Health
    breast-feeding Breast-Feeding May Cut Risk For Aggressive Breast Cancer In Black Women
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    Drug Information
    teen passed out drunk Drinking Age Law Cut Car Accidents But Increased Underage Drinking, Survey Shows
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    Mental Health
    daughter hugging mom Alzheimer’s Rapid Test? Ohio University Develops Test To Detect Early Signs Of Dementia
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    Kidney Failure
    Vision Care
    Homeopathic Medicine
    Sexual Health
    Vegan Health
    Health Care
    Hair Care
    Bipolar Disorder
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